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Success Story

Name – Janki Devi

Age – 42 years

Husband name- Mr. Devraj

Address- Village Mallahn ka purwa

Gram Panchayt – Baghedi

Block Mawai, Ayodhya U.P.

The mother of 8 children, lived in the village and used to work in the fields. The husband also worked as a laborer. It never worked or didn’t work. In such a situation, it was very difficult to make a living. The husband-wife, 8 children and the mother-in-law of Janaki ji together have 11 members. Sometimes roti had to be eaten without vegetable & dal. In 2013, the program of women empowerment was started by the organization by connecting women living below poverty line in 10 gram panchayats in block Mawai district Ayodhya. In which Janaki ji, who lived in Mallahan’s ancestors, belonged to a very poor family. Janakiji’s eldest girl was 16 years old, the youngest two and a half years old and 3 children went to the nearby primary school. Apart from this, all the children lived at home. Janakiji became a member of Nari Sangh. Funds were arranged by the organization for Jankiji through crowd fund. Janki ji bought a cycle and went out to sell vegetables with bags of vegetables on it. After a few days selling vegetables from house to house, the income started increasing. Opened a tea shop for her husband in the same village. Her husband, who was a daily laborer, used to drink half a penny of alcohol every day. Now running a tea shop. Drinking alcohol every day has also reduced. His 4 children who lived in the house were named in the school. Jankiji had been associated with the organization for 2 years. In this two years, due to her hard work, marriage, organization’s support and guidance, she was able to improve her financial condition. Today Janki ji’s family has overcome poverty. Jankiji got her elder daughter married and is looking for younger daughter’s relationship. Some money has also been collected for his marriage. Maintains constant liaison with the organization. The organization makes arrangements for the marriage of daughters from the Chief Minister’s Fund. Janki ji still does the work of selling vegetables.

Name- Rampata

Age – 40 years

Husband name- Mr. Gullichand

Address- Village & Posst Umapur Gram Panchayt – Umapur , Block Mawai ,

Ayodhya U.P.


Rampata’s wife is a Dalit class woman living in Gulichand Gram Panchayat, Umapur. Rampata is not very educated and does the work of selling fruits on a handcart at Umpur crossroads. In 2013, the work of women empowerment was done by the organization. Joining that program actively participated in the activities of the women’s union. Seeing her passion and ability, she was made the president of the women’s union.

The program got a new direction with the cooperation of Rampata ji and helped women in getting the right to work, right to food, right to health. To start widow and old age pension and protect the rights of women advocates at Panchayat, Block and District level and participated in various trainings. In view of this work, in the year 2015, under the banner of Nari Sangh, unanimously decided to fight the district panchayat and became a separate image in the running society and government departments.