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Our Objective

  • UP blaze industry, advertisement of industry establish by Khadi & village industry commission, receiving a grant, from khadi unit to establish unit of industries, make sure that training and literacy must be included.
  • Arrangement of teaching, education, library & reading room by the overall income of UP Khadi industry.
  • To make a village independent, knowledge about technology and to take a grant from the central government, state government regarding the progress of women.
  • To do overall operation(deed) that come under the Act 20.
  • To make progress of village lodging, drinking water, lavatory (toilet) & implementation of roads.
  • Publicity of research program regarding primary health, child development & welfare of families and to organize many more healer program.
  • To organize program & publicity of researches regarding welfare & discrimination of man & women.
  • To organize gratis(free of cost ) program with eagerness for the emergency service, travelling, flood & rescue encampment, health camp, camp for fire victims & other emergency services.
  • To governance the welfare program & advertise of researches for the women development, malnutrition & child development.
  • To stuff the welfare program for the publicity & expansion of primary, junior & secondary & further `education.
  • To organize program training centers, tutorial institution for the uplift of employment.
  • To organize schedule for research on environment & remission, improvement of environment & surrounding.
  • To motivate the conscious citizens and youngsters of the society regarding their welfare and sociable moral values for their better living.
  • To broadcast the program for the welfare of the society and specially for the poor peoples.
  • Time by time central and state government organize net gauge to pursue public welfare program.
  • To work for the welfare and progress of the programs included the development of water eclipse area.
  • To edit the welfare programs for the overall development of handicapped and incapable people.
  • To make arrangement of latest computer technologies, make progress in farming and animal husbandry and incorporate different program, and provide technical knowledge and its training centre too.
  • To broadcast the various programs of human resources, welfare ministry and health ministry.