Women and children

  • Women and children who are vulnerable to trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation.
  • Women and children who are victims of trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation.
  • To make self help crew (group) , to spread awareness about farming technology by the formation of farmer club , women employment , test programs and to provide internship and financial support.
  • Generate programs to aware the minority women about technical knowledge and occasional training and health awareness.
  • Health service and primary education for panhandler children .
  • Awareness programs to STOP GIRL INFOETICIDE.
  • For the betterment of panchayat system , basic knowledge of village and gram panchayat is huddled. Communal sittings are organise to frame development team to spread literacy and health related problem.
  • Awareness programs in rustic area to BAN ALCOHOLS.
  • Environment protection and plantation programs .
  • 10- Computer education to youngster ¬†girls.


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