Empowering of Rural women

Rural women form the backbone of the agricultural labour force across much of the developing world. Globally, in 2009, more than a third of the female workforce was engaged in agriculture, while in regions like Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, more than 60 per cent of all female employment is in this sector
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Ujjawala Scheme

The trafficking of people, mostly of women and children is a burgeoning criminal activity that generates unbelievably large profits every year, third only to illegal drugs and weapons trade. Every year, thousands of women and children are reported missing from their homes in different parts of the globe. Such victims of trafficking are usually lifted from deprived regions and v...
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Our Mission & Vision

Vission-  A fully developed society with equal rights and literacy for women and to resist every discrimination against them by providing employment .for  better livelihood. Mission- To provide employment to all the youth girls & women. To literate more and more girls, To aware teenage about sex education, To introduce girls about the issues of unhygienic periods, ...
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Best Practices

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Legal Aid & guidance related to families problems by FCC, Junior High school Education for Adult women, Self help group formation & management, Education to minority group of women,  decreasement in maternal mortality rate, workshop organized for female foeticide and delivery of babies, Rehabilitation home for women/girls who become the victims of trafficking under UJJA...
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Women and children

Women and children who are vulnerable to trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation. Women and children who are victims of trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation. To make self help crew (group) , to spread awareness about farming technology by the formation of farmer club , women employment , test programs and to provide internship and financial support. Ge...
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